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From the tabletops of Italy, tucked away in small trattorias, food is not only prepared with great passion, it is served with genuine gratitude. The menu choices are modest, yet tailored to honor the past and blend with the present. Truly the signature of Italy.

Our wish is to create a setting that encourages you to dine, linger and reminisce, so that your experience with us becomes something special. By bringing seasonal menus and a distinctive wine list from the Italian peninsula’s diverse regions, we want you to feel at home and celebrate with us as family.

So with a commitment to combine the best ingredients with honest recipes and capture the unique, hidden flavors of Italy, we present Via Perla!

Buon Appetito!


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Our Menu

Experience Italy through fresh ingredients and authentic recipes inspired from regions throughout the country… The Chianti Hills, Umbria, shores of Sicilia, Toscana, Emilia-Romagna, Venezia, Roma, Puglia, Adriatic coast, Parma, Liguria to name a few.

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Via Perla


11AM-3PM MOnday – Friday

3pm-6PM 7 days a week

5pm – 10pm Monday – friday
5pm – 11pm friday – saturday
5 pm – 9pm TUTTI A TAVOLA!* every sunday

*Daily menu also available.

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