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To the Boulder community,

After much soul searching, today we are announcing the difficult decision not to reopen our three precious restaurants: The Med, Brasserie Ten Ten, and Via Perla.

With the new economic pressures that the hospitality industry is now facing, we simply cannot continue to run and operate our restaurants with the level of quality and service that we are committed to providing, and that our guests have rightly come to expect.

We feel enormous gratitude in our hearts for the warmth and love that this community has shown us since the very first time we opened the doors to The Med in 1993, and we are honoured by the memories of the wonderful dinner parties we have thrown every night without interruption for the past 27 years.

Some of our happiest moments have been spent at the bar on a Friday evening, looking out across a buzzing restaurant, talking to old friends and making new ones, getting to know the people who together form the fabric of this wonderful town.

Today is bittersweet for us, because although it is sad and poignant, it is also a time to celebrate the deep joy and happiness that our restaurants have brought to us, and to you, the people of Boulder.

Together with Antonio and Pat Laudisio, we want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. The fun we have had over the years has made it all worthwhile, and the memories and laughter will live on in us forever.

Joe and Peggy Romano

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